WAVES – (A Poem 4 my LGBTQIA Friends) by Eclasia “Phatmama” Wesley



By Eclasia Wesley

You are allowed to change the waves. To flow or to be still.
Either blue water, pink or indigo… you are seen. People won’t always be able to handle the flavor of you
Darling please don’t forget, you are spicy and rich! Limitless is an understatement when I describe you.
I see you as you are, but knowing that you have more layers than an onion, I still think you sweet.
Never defined by what others do or say, you wayyy too cool to fit in when u were born to stand out.
See, I know love cuz’ I love myself
It wasn’t easy, but it got easier day by day when I finally let my brain and heart accept all of me.
Good, Bad, straight, non-binary or whatever the hell else we want to be
You can do this

Actually… you already are!!!

Walk in your light and know you are full of love.

Phatmama (: