Virtual Homegirl Podcast new episode! Rising Above our Standards

Heyy! This is your Virtual Homegirls, a podcast where all of us welcome you warmly. We’re back and we missed you all very much! In this episode we talk about our new goals for 2023 and recap on some of the highlights of our 2022. We cover the importance of having safe spaces for black women and the LGBTQ+ community for vulnerability, our annual #Standing4BlackGirls Rally, and some upcoming events. We hope you enjoy this episode and we love feedback so leave us some suggestions for new episodes in our instagram: @wlproject__ & we are happy to bring back new content and consistency so stay tuned for more!

Featuring: Eclasia Wesley (producer), Brianna Parnell (producer), Kim Ortiz, Arrai Lugo and Dafne Embarcadero

Available on Spotify, Anchor and Apple