GLSEN LGBTQ+ Faculty Survey Presentation at King-Drew HS

This month, WLP youth peer educators Esther Abraham, Dafne Embarcadero and Mariajose Leones presented to King-Drew Magnet HS’ faculty on the outcomes of their 2022-2023 GLSEN LGBT+ climate survey, which assesses conditions for queer and gender expansive youth on K-12 campuses. The survey evaluates LGBT inclusivity in school curricula and the representation of LGBT authors in libraries; the role of adult allies on campuses, and whether campuses have active GSA youth groups. Next steps for their recommendations include:

  • Frequent assemblies informing students and staff about LGBTQI+ experiences and the need to take an active stand against homophobia and transphobia.


  •     LGBTQ+ cultural events during our pep rallies at least once a month.


  •     Find a sponsor for the GSA club and reopen it so students have a safe space and resources.


  •     Open a clinic on King/Drew campus that supports LGBTQ+ students.


  •     Post LGBTQ+ affirming posters around campus


  • Implement “creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth” lesson plan at the beginning, middle and end of each semester