Curricula & Manuals

Step Forward: Addressing the Sexual Harassment of Black girls on High School Campus’: 

Step forward is a facilitators guide which includes tools to address sexual harassment of black girls such as: 

-Advice on how to broach the subject of sexual harassment, 

-Advice on how to reform sexual harassment policy on campus, 

-Advice on how to create spaces for male allies 

-And a six week lesson plan. 

Black Words Literature Circle: Students will focus on important literary and historical works by African American authors. It is designed to encourage reading, writing, analysis, discourse and critical engagement with novels among high school youth of color. 

Activities & Lessons

‘Find Someone in the Room Who?’ Ice Breaker

Race and Gender Messages in Media 

Race and Gender Messages youth facilitator guide Part 1

Race and Gender Messages youth facilitator guide Part 2

Sexual Harassment Survey

WLP Women's Leadership Project LA