The Effects of Colorism on Young Black Women

By Mariah Perkins and Asha Kent, 12th grade Colorism affects young women of color all around the world. Here are two student perspectives: Hello, My name is Mariah Perkins and I […]

WLP 2021 Year in Review

By Kimberly Ortiz As 2021 comes to a close, the Women’s Leadership Project would like to highlight some of the most significant events this year, along with the goals we […]

My Ocean Love by Zorrie Petrus

I remember when I was you going to the beach I’d go with my mom and sister. I would love feeling the sand between my toes Feel the water crash […]

Sense the Beauty in the Struggle

By Brianna Parnell I remember 80th street like it was yesterday Seeing the way the sun beamed and the palm trees Made you feel like it was a vacation. But […]