Black Women in Journalism Forum

Black women in Journalism

Generations after trailblazing activist-journalist-publisher Ida B. Wells challenged white supremacy, misogynoir, and respectability politics in American publishing, Black women writers and publishers are severely underrepresented in print and broadcast journalism. Our February 23rd forum […]

Black Girl, Black College

Ashantee grad pic

By Ashantee Polk I’m a 20 year old, third-year, first generation college student. I didn’t fully realize what it meant to be a Black girl until I graduated high school. […]

WLP Commentary on KPFK’s Rebel Alliance News

2022 Year In Review

In December, WLP was invited to provide commentary for KPFK 90.7 FM’s Wednesday evening Rebel Alliance News by producer/journalist Angela Birdsong. WLP youth leaders Ashantee Polk, Mariah Perkins, and Jadyn […]