Black History Month Women’s Political Forum

#standing4blackgirls coalition leader Bri, addressing the audience about the power of being heard.The Women’s Leadership Project (WLP) organized a significant event for Black History Month on February 29th, 2024, at King Drew Magnet High School. The focus was on the upcoming political races in 2024 and their implications for Black women, women of color, and queer communities. The panelists, included Sade Elhawary, a candidate for Assembly District 57, Lizzy Orkeh, her campaign manager, and Summer McBride of the Black Women’s Democratic Club.

The event was moderated by members of the King Drew WLP and WLP interns, who ensured a smooth flow of conversation. The panelists emphasized their deep connections to the South LA community. Throughout the forum, moderators and panelists engaged with the audience, encouraging student participation. The students posed questions about the threat Republican anti-choice policies pose to reproductive health; the impact of gentrification on communities of color and how young women of color can get involved in political activism. Lizzy Orkeh offered the students an internship opportunity for students interested in getting involved in political campaigns.

One WLP intern, Bri, expressed how the forum resonated with her, highlighting the importance of seeing panelists who share similar backgrounds with the students. This representation in politics is often lacking, making events like the Black Women’s Political Forum particularly impactful for young people in the community.

Overall, the forum served as a platform for meaningful dialogue, empowerment, and opportunity, showcasing the importance of representation and engagement in political processes for marginalized communities.