My Ocean Love by Zorrie Petrus

I remember when I was you going to the beach I’d go with my mom and sister. I would love feeling the sand between my toes Feel the water crash against my skin. Standing in the water, wading and taking it all in Sunsets and sunrises were my favorite. Sitting and watching the sun go down, seeing the sky change colors, the clouds moving. Experiencing the earth change in that moment. Going to the beach I’d love sitting and watching the dolphins early morning. I’d love hearing the sea lions speak and even the birds fly by. Seeing the birds fly and dolphins move in a synchronous way created a calming experience. I would enjoy sitting on the sand and feel the waves crash from a distance. It’s like feeling the oceans heartbeat. Tasting the salty fresh air and feeling the breeze is like no other experience. I loved collecting shells and thinking about where they’ve been in the ocean. What animals might have lived in them. How did they wash upon the shore? Digging my feet into the sand and felt like I was moving as the water drew back. Sitting at the beach relaxes me. I remember when I was young going to the beach.