Taskforce Breakdown by Desja S


An educational break down as to why the #S4BG initiative and task force was created. What is a task force and why they matter:

What is public policy and how does it affect social change?

Public policy is an action taken by the government when a real world problem happens. It affects social change because it can be a good thing or a bad thing in the community and since we want the effects of the community to be good so nothing can be corrupt within the social change.

What is a task force?

An organization that solves a problem within the community that involves public policy and social change.

How do constituent groups or stakeholders influence the development of public policy?

The constituent groups or stakeholders have the power to try and change the policies that may affect them. They hold many ideas and demands that align with their needs as a group or community entity. The groups will often request meetings with influential policy makers and also hold many conferences to gain awareness around those important issues.

What are existing policies in local (city/county), state and federal government that address this issue?

From researching the policies for reproductive justice for black women, there are organizations that bring awareness about the issues that go on for black women when it comes to reproductive justice and the federal government funded Planned Parenthood for this specific issue.

What research or data (in articles or reports) exists that analyzes these issues?

The articles and report that discuss reproductive justice issues for black girls are: https://prochoicemissouri.org/2020/02/03/black-women-fight-reproductive-justice/, https://vawnet.org/sites/default/files/materials/files/2016-08/Women-of-Color-and-the-Struggle-for-RJ-Issue-Brief.pdf, https://www.acog.org/-/media/project/acog/acogorg/files/pdfs/news/commitmentendracism-historyobgyn-082720-v8.pdf, https://www.chcf.org/blog/researchers-seek-reproductive-justice-black-women/


WLP started this initiative and task force due to the low awareness and justice towards young women of color and the violence towards them. Through the #S4BG taskforce, we are able to educate, organize and discuss change with lead community organizations.