Current Update for November 2018!

WLP and YMS Outreach: September-October 2018

During the month of September, Women’s Leadership Project and Young Male Scholars’ students participated in a Black faculty-student meeting at Gardena High School, a presentation on the #SayHerName movement, and a Community Involvement Fair at Diego Rivera Learning Complex.

On September 6th, GHS WLP, YMS, Black Student Union and GSA students met with Black faculty to discuss school climate issues, black student academic achievement, Advanced Placement access, college preparation, and creating safe spaces for LGBTQI youth.

On September 18th, WLP GHS students presented a mini-gallery walk on the #SayHerName movement (initiated in 2015 by the African American Policy Forum) and its importance for increasing visibility for black women victims of state violence and abduction.  The presentation was part of a school-wide Cultural Awareness Day developed in partnership with the ARC program.

On September 26th, WLP program coordinator Clay Wesley circulated gender justice surveys on sexual harassment and sexual violence, media representation, and college readiness to thirty girls in a focus group session at Diego Rivera.  Students from two Diego Rivera academies signed up for a new WLP pilot which will launch in November.

During the month of October, WLP students conducted voter education and registration outreach for approximately 130 students in History, Math, Business and Government classes at Gardena High School and King-Drew Magnet High School.  Students distributed voter registration forms for eligible 18 year-olds and discussed pre-registration requirements for 16 and 17 year-olds using information from the California Secretary of State’s website.  Students discussed current voter suppression efforts targeting African Americans, Native Americans, felons and other communities.  Students provided non-partisan information on polling places, ballot initiatives, and midterm election candidates, and also discussed factoids on the history of voting rights for African Americans, women, and immigrant communities.

On October 4th, WLP and YMS students also presented at an African American student assembly convened by the GHS college center and the campus’ restorative justice coordinator.  Students discussed WLP and YMS program achievements and highlights with approximately two hundred 10th-12th grade students.

**For the Month of November, our students are working on sexual harassment trainings, LGBTQI questionnaires to gage student awareness, and education on gender spectrum and trans-rights. We have currently been seeking collaborations for the new school year.